Review Policy


My goal is to write a well-thought out and reasoned review for each book I feature.  These reviews won't always be positive though I will always try to highlight the parts of the book that I enjoyed or felt were well-done.  I will never 'spork' a book or be malicious about a book or an author.  Books are huge achievements no matter my personal thoughts on how well the author succeeded in writing a book that appeals to me, and I will keep that fact in mind and respect it.  God knows I couldn't manage to sit down and write 100,000 words of plot and character development!

I will happily accept Advanced Readers Copies or Review Copies of books.  All such copies will be read thoughtfully, but my acceptance does not indicate that a positive review will result.  I can't guarantee that review copies will be read immediately or reviews posted at once, but if you have a certain time frame that you would like the review to be posted within, I will certainly try to comply or advise you otherwise.

I can be contacted at eghartman (at) gmail (dot) com if you'd like to contact me about reviewing your book or anything else.

I read and review books because I enjoy it.  I do not get paid or compensated in any way for my reviews.

Grading System

I currently grade all my reviews on an A-D system.  If I feel a book rates an 'F', I probably will decline to review it.  I use plus/minuses because there are always gray areas, and sometimes I just can't make up my mind!

A - Reading this book was a wonderful experience, and I'll be recommending it to anyone who'll listen.  I will definitely be purchasing a copy (if I haven't already) for my personal collection.

B - In general, this book was enjoyable.  There were flaws, but it wouldn't keep me from recommending the book to others I feel might enjoy it.  I might purchase a copy, but this might also be a good 'borrowing from the library' book.

C - This book wasn't my cup of tea.  I doubt I'd keep a copy on my shelves or go out of my way to recommend it, but that certainly doesn't mean that it didn't have its bright spots.

D - There was little in this book that I found enjoyable.  I won't be recommending it.

Author Interviews/Giveaways/Blog Hops/Other Promotional Events

In general, I'd be delighted to host these events, but I may have to decline due to lack of time.  Again, please feel free to email me (eghartman (at) gmail (dot) com) regarding this!