Saturday, October 22, 2011

24 Hour Read-a-thon!

Because I'm obviously crazy, I'm going to join with all the rest of the crazy people participating in Dewey's Read-a-thon today from 8am EDT to 8am!  Since I have to work tomorrow, I won't be reading the full twenty-four hours, but I'm going to read as much as possible and cheerlead during my evening.

I am totally excited about giving myself permission to spend all day reading.  It'll be great!  Two of my hockey teams are playing tonight, but I'm totally capable of reading and watching at the same time...because I do it for almost every game ever.

Because this is a 'giving myself permission to read' day, I'm not going to set any goals or specifically choose any books to read.  I have a big bunch of NetGalley books on my Kindle and a nice stack of library books to choose from, and I'm totally going to meander along and choose whatever looks best at the time.  I'm so geekily excited!

I'll update every few hours with books read and page count and all that fun stuff!  If you guys are reading too, link me up so I can check out your posts and cheer you on!

Update #1: 10:57 AM EDT

I totally slept in way longer than I meant to, but man was that sleep good.  So now I'm ensconced with my first book, coffee, and some tasty leftover Challah bread.  I'm golden.

First up is Tangled by Carolyn Mackler because I wanted something funny to start me off, and I'm trying not to buy Maureen Johnson's Scarlett Fever for my Kindle when I can just get it at the library tomorrow!

Let's do the introductory questionnaire from Dewey's Read-a-thon.

1)Where are you reading from today?
Mostly my bedroom since my dog and kitty are keeping me company.  More generally, I'm in lovely West Michigan on the lakeshore.  It finally stopped raining today so now I really want to go outside and play in the sunlight - I may have to take the puppy for a walk with an audiobook later.

2)Three random facts about me…
I like books ...oh wait, that's not random at all.

-I'm a huge hockey fan.  My favourite NHL teams are the currently undefeated Detroit Red Wings and the Vancouver Canucks.  I've also got soft spots for the Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightning. Hockey is very close to my life during the winter between NHL games, the AHL team just down the road in Grand Rapids and college hockey - Go Spartans!
-I'll only eat apples if they're cut into pieces because I have a phobia of my teeth falling out after biting into a whole apple.
-I have a zombie escape plan.  It worries me when I live in a home that's indefensible from zombies.  Currently the house I live in is pretty bad, but it's got a good upstairs that could be walled off.

3)How many books do you have in your TBR pile for the next 24 hours?
Probably 13 or so?  I think I'm mainly trying to get through library books and stuff I've bought for my Kindle.  I was going to read NetGalley books, but I don't know if this type of reading is conducive to reading for review!

4)Do you have any goals for the read-a-thon (i.e. number of books, number of pages, number of hours, or number of comments on blogs)?
I want to have fun and not stress over it!  I'm just going to take it as I go and hopefully enjoy hanging out with everyone during the readathon while spending a day reading good things.  If I set a real goal, I won't sleep tonight and then I'll be insane tomorrow at work!

5)If you’re a veteran read-a-thoner, any advice for people doing this for the first time?
Nope.  :(  Next time!

Update #2 12:35 PM EDT

I just finished Tangled and loved it!  Great book and totally interesting plot structure. The interweaving of the storylines are really original and fun.

I think next up is Deb Caletti's The Six Rules of Maybe.

Pages Read: 308
Books Read: 1
Eaten: Toast and coffee
Disasters: I flipped a stack of books and lost my pills that were on top!  Ack! Hopefully I find them before the puppy does!

Update #3 2:25 PM EDT

Just finished The Six Rules of Maybe.   Lovely writing but just not for me.  Still, I read it!

No idea what to read next, hmmm...

Pages Read: 629
Books Read: 2
Eaten: Toast and coffee and water. Contemplating a soda.
Disasters: No new ones!

Update #4 4:16 PM EDT

I won a prize!  YAY and thank you, Readathon! 

In other news, I keep flipping from one book to the next because I can't quite settle into anything.  So I may need to take a nap and come back refreshed.  I have no idea what to do about my pages count!  Can I count 20 pages from 5 different books?  Hm.

Update #5 8:47 PM EDT

Uggggh, not so good.  I took a way too long nap and then walked the dog to try to wake up, but my concentration is all over the place.  So I'm watching the Red Wings lose (sigh) and cheerleading and getting ready to start back up after the game!

Pages Read: 746
Books Read (in full): 2
Eaten: Toast and coffee.  Coke. Cold Pizza
Disasters: I lost my concentration!

Update #6  2:13 AM EDT

I just finished Hooked by Catherine Greenman which is the MOST DEPRESSING BOOK EVER.  Well, not ever, but holy crap, I do not suggest reading what is actually a very good book late at night.

I spent a lot of the evening cheering people on which was AWESOME to see what everyone was reading and how they were holding up!  And now...I might grab another book and read it until I fall asleep.  There's work tomorrow sigh.

Pages Read: 1026
Books Read (in full): 3
Eaten: Nothing since last update...and now I'm hungry!
Disasters: I'm hungry! My Red Wings lost really really badly.  The readathon is almost over!


  1. I wish I could do something like that, but I don't think their is any way. I would have to plan it like a vacation. I would have to let people know that I was busy aka Don't bother me! Then I would have to go somewhere else, and hide... *sigh* it sounds like awesome sauce.

    Beth ^_^

  2. There'll be another 24 hour readathon in mid-April so plenty of time to plan and set up the DO NOT DISTURB signs! I'll remind you as we get closer - it'll be awesome for sure!

  3. Hope you are having fun and enjoying your day of reading!

  4. We're NY Rangers fans in my house but think Van couver is pretty cool!

    Congarulations on finishing a book! That's great! Keep up the reading & have fun!
    Enjoy the readathon Emily and don't forget the challenges if you need a break from reading!

  5. A page is a page even if they're *all* from different books. Sure makes keeping track of them difficult! I let choose my current read, so I wouldn't end up spending too much time trying to pick one. Much to my surprise, I'm actually sticking with it. Usually, I do this and I blow off the Random choice anyway! LOL.

    Hope you're refreshed and you find the perfect book to settle into soon! :D

  6. Congrats on winning a prize! Aren't readathons the best? ;) Glad you're having so much fun.

    And yes, when counting pages, I count from everything I read. It's OK to abandon a book if it's not speaking to you.

    Happy readathoning!!

  7. Your posts are so funny, I love that you have a disasters update! Don't set your self up for failure my dear! :) Hope you regain your concentration, don't lose too much sleep though if you work in the morning!

  8. OMG - look at all those pages you've read! You rock! Keep on keeping on :)

  9. Two books finished is quite the accomplishment. Hope that you are having lots of fun as well :)

  10. I had to reciprocate your stopping by my blog by doing the same for you. Still with us? If so, keep on swimming... Here's to another few hours (hopefully) of great reading and total endurance!

  11. Happy reading Emily! I hope you're still having fun reading :)

  12. You've had a great readathon!

  13. I've been enjoying it so much! I'm hoping to read one more book before I crash, but the computer may have to go off because it's so distracty!

  14. Thank you, Alexa! I'm having a blast! I ohpe you are too!

  15. Just keep reading Just keep reading... next time we need a graphic with Dory on it!

    Thank you for stopping by and hurray to the next few hours!

  16. I am indeed! Hopefully you are too! Thank you for stopping by.

  17. If you can't laugh at disasters, then they try to eat your brain! :D I managed to finish another book and now it may be time for sleep. Thank you for stopping by!

  18. Excellent! I totally did so - it feels much nicer to be able to count those pages of the unwanted (but probably awesome!) books.

    Readathons are AWESOME! This has been such an excellent day. Thank you for stopping by!

  19. Oooh, that's such a good idea with random choosing...thooooooooough I'm pretty sure I'd blow off the choice too. :D

    Happy reading!

  20. Ooh, I love Marc Staal and King Henrik! I really hope Staal comes back from that concussion soon - I bet he's yelled at his brother a efw times about that!

  21. Thank you (a huge amount later) ;) for stopping by! *shakes the pom poms back atcha!*

  22. You had leftover Challah bread?? So jealous!!!

  23. Good job! That's too funny about reading a depressing book at night ... I tried to save my favourite book, or a funny read, for the end. I have to sympathize with you on your apple fear - my fear is putting my fingers in the holes of those big bowling balls. I am always scared they'll stay in there and break when I go to throw it!


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